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Island Attractions

Don't Forget Your Camera!

Now ecotourism is ushering in yet another phase in the town's development as more and more visitors want to leave the resort areas and explore the country side.

Visit: Marshal Pen Great House, Perth Great House, Williamsfield High Mountain Coffee and Chocolate Factory. See the Home of the world famous Pikapepper Sauce at Shooters Hill. Visit the Bammy Factory to learn how that curious bread-like food is made. Go to YS Falls (about half hour from Mandeville, if you want to see how water has built a work of wonder in the wilderness. You will enjoy bathing in the natural pool surrounded by lush, blooming island flowers. Pass through Bamboo Avenue, if you want to see how nature has built a cathedral from bamboo. Go touring where world famous Appleton Rum is produced since the year 1749. Go take pictures of the Cockpit Mountains. Go boating on the Black River, Jamaica’s only navigable river, Go to the beach at Font Hill (about an hour’s drive from Mandeville. Carry your camera, or you will regret it.). Go Little Ochie, the rustic, seaside restaurant where you will eat fish, lobsters etc to your heart’s content and doze off under thatched huts as the sea wind hushes you to sleep.

The town boasts a 9-hole golf course, the oldest in the island. The layout is well-planned, with 18 tee boxes so that a full game can be played and a round of golf played in the cool atmosphere of the hills is a delightful experience.

Mandeville Hotel in Mandeville itself has an elegant indoor dining room and a pleasant poolside cafe. The Manchester Arms is an authentic English-style pub.

All the above tours are offered by tour operators in Mandeville.


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